I’ve got a Blueberry for a Daughter

Yesterday morning at 7:15am, the director of Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka, the summer show at Waukesha Civic Theatre, called to offer Erin and I the parts of Violet Beauregarde and her father. Obviously, we accepted. The competition for the kid roles was fierce. There were over a hundred kids, mostly girls, that showed up for auditions. I am really proud of how well Erin performed at auditions. In the past, she has been a little nervous about putting herself out there. This time she made bold choices and it paid off.

For several years, I have been trying to get the opportunity to play Father and Son on stage with A.J. He is an excellent actor and would usually get the Son role. Unfortunately, I haven’t been good enough to play his Father yet. Ironic, huh? The one time that we did get to be in the same show, He was the Son and I was Fireman #1 and not even in a scene with him. I am still hopeful that we will one day work together on stage but at the current rate we may be playing Father and Grandfather.

Erin and I are really looking forward to the show. Those that we know that have been cast so far are really good and I think it is going to be a fantastic show for adults and children alike. There will be 8 performances over 2 weeks in August (the 5th to 14th). Please, please, please come to see Erin sing and to see me not sing (trust me it’s a good thing).


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