Smoke On The Mountain

Kristi and I went out on Friday night to see the opening night performance of Smoke On The Mountain at Waukesha Civic Theatre. It was fantastic*. Wait… before I go on… in the spirit of full disclosure, I must freely admit that I am the newly elected President of the Board of Directors for the Waukesha Civic Theatre**. Therefore, my opinions regarding the shows at said theatre might be slightly tilted on the positive side. That being said, I will also say that I am somewhat of a theatre snob*** and there have been WCT shows that I wasn’t completely fond of. So I am not a total shill for the theatre.

Okay… with all of that behind us, I would like to reiterate that the performance of Smoke On The Mountain at Waukesha Civic Theatre that we saw on Friday was outstanding. The show is set in North Carolina in 1938 at the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. At the opening of the show, Pastor Oglethorpe is hoping to introduce the group that will be leading the first ever Saturday Night Sing, the Sanders family, but they haven’t arrived back from dinner. Soon the family arrives and the audience is treated to a wonderful evening of bluegrass gospel and with quite a bit a humor thrown in for good measure.

The entire cast did a magnificent job. What impressed me the most was how talented they all are. Community theatres can usually pull in quality actors and actresses that can also sing well but it can be difficult to find ones that are able to play a variety of musical instruments as well. It was amazing to see them each take turns on the piano, upright bass, violin, banjo, and guitar****. That alone would have been spectacular but they all added an amazing sense of comic timing that made the show even better. As I am friends with most of the cast and they all did such a great job, I’m not going to mention any one performance in particular as they were all equally wonderful*****. I would like to commend the director, Robb Smith, for putting together such a great show.

This is the first show of the 55th season for Waukesha Civic Theatre. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should call the box office at (262) 547-0708 or visit the website to purchase your tickets immediately******. You won’t be sorry.
* Really… it was.
** Waukesha’s First Choice for Quality, Live Entertainment Since 1957!
*** Okay. I’m extreme theatre snob.
**** I believe there was also a mandolin, accordion, washboard, set of spoons, and a triangle if I’m not mistaken.
***** Why yes… I did just chicken out there, thanks for noticing.
****** Obligatory marketing message to entice you to see great theatre at an affordable price.


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    “Why yes… I did just chicken out there, thanks for noticing.”

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