Little Shop of Horrors at MU

Last night, A.J. and I went to Little Shop of Horrors at Marquette University. It was an amazing show. There are only two performances left (tonight at 7:30pm and tomorrow at 2:30pm). I know that I say this about many of the shows that I see but, if you have a chance, you should go see it. It is an extremely entertaining show.

As I look back at my previous posts about the live theatre shows that I’ve seen, I realize that I’ve engaged in quite a bit of hyperbole. I’m sure that is due to the fact that I enjoy live theatre better than any other form of entertainment. And if the show is good, I want to encourage others experience what I have enjoyed. You can always re-watch a movie or TV show, but live theatre has a limited shelf-life.

That being said, I want to say that the show last night was fantastic. I’ve seen Little Shop of Horrors on stage before and this was the best adaptation so far. The actors that played Seymour, Audrey, and Mr. Mushnik (Tim Braun, Alexandra Bonesho, and Lex Gernon) were delightful to watch. And the rest of the cast was excellent. There were times that I swore that Mr. Mushnik was being played by Vincent Gardenia (from the movie version). This production has an extremely campy, tongue-in-cheek, feel to it that makes the show very, very funny. Congratulations to the director, Ray Jivoff, for giving us such an enjoyable show.


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