My Sweet, Little Girl is now a Teenager

The day has finally arrived. We now have nothing but teenage kids in our house. Erin turns 13 years old today. Happy Birthday, Erin!!!

I can’t believe it. Where does the time go. Every time I blink she seems to grow a couple of inches taller. Soon I will be the shortest member of the family.

Over the last year, Erin and I have grown closer than we have ever been. Being in Willy Wonka together in August allowed us to share a special bond. She is my sweetheart and I am proud of the talented, thoughtful, intelligent person she has become. Erin, you are an amazing young women!!


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  1. Uncle Kenny and Aunt Helen Says:

    Happy Birthday “Teenager” Erin. How can you be that old, when your Aunt Helen is still “39”. You are a beautiful young woman. Love the video you were a part of regarding the Charlie Brown play you and A.J. are going to be in. I don’t think I have ever seen you
    laugh so hard. What fun you were having. Enjoy your day. Your card “will” be in the mail.
    Uncle Kenny and Aunt Helen

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