One Week Left to Create A Miracle

The time is at hand for you to be the catalyst for a miracle. Do you believe in MIRACLES? I do. I really do. And I need your help to make one come true.

With only one week left, Alleycat Enterprises, Inc. is still $6,000 dollar away from the goal of our Kickstarter project to produce You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown in Waukesha in July. I know seems like a huge number but I know that we can do it with your help. Look at in this way; we only need to sell 400 tickets to the show. That is less than 2 sold-out performances of the show.

In order to become a backer of the show, you need to create a Kickstarter account but you do not need to give them your credit card information. They use Amazon Payments for all credit card processing. I’m sure that most of you already purchase your books and other things on Amazon and already have an account.

Please, please, please help support this amazing show.


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