Any Number Can Die


This weekend, the Hamilton Drama Dept will be presenting Any Number Can Die. It is a spoof of the mystery plays of the late twenties and is complete with sliding panels, wills being read at midnight, unexpected guests, hooting owls, and several murders. Of course you need the raging storm on the remote island off the coast of North Carolina that cause the lights to go off and on, the cryptic poem about the missing fortune, and the creepy figure in black.

I was lucky enough to see the parent preview last night and it was terrific. This is a very funny show that really needs an audience of laughing patrons to make it even better. Standout performances were turned in by the entire cast. I was especially impressed by Sree Karri and Amy Walsh as the bumbling private detectives and A.J. Magoon as the lawyer.

If you are looking for a humorous diversion this weekend, this would be the perfect thing to attend. Come on out and support these talented, young actors.


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