Final Weekend in Anatevka

Tonight begins the final weekend of Fiddler On The Roof with Imagination Theatre of Germantown at Brown Deer High School. That means that there are only three performances left; 7pm tonight, tomorrow night at 7pm, and Sunday afternoon at 3pm.

Last night during the brush up rehearsal, we got the chance to sit in the theatre and watch those parts of the show that we aren’t in. It was the first time that we’ve able to watch since “tech week” began almost two weeks ago. I have to say that it has become quite a charming show. I’ve always known that it was a great production but it was nice to see how much everyone has tweaked their characters and made them so believable.

The chemistry between Rick Richter as Tevya and Kristen Mickie as Golde is so genuine. You can feel the tenderness just under the harsh bickering that would come from being married for 25 years. Additionally, I would say that the three younger couples (Rae Pare and Matt Wiemeri as Tzeitel and Motel, Meg DeMunck and Austin Ritchie as Hodel and Perchik, and Rachel Proite and Ben Johnson as Chava and Fyedka) also do an excellent job at making you truly believe that they are young people in love.

Erin and I have really enjoyed getting to be a part of this fantastic show. If you are looking for something to do this weekend, please come out and enjoy live community theatre at its finest.


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