Last night, I went to the Next Act Theatre in Milwaukee’s Walkers Point neighborhood to see Microcrisis. All of the other Dramagoons had plans already, so I went alone. Before I talk about the show, I have to say that I really like Next Act’s new theatre. It is a 150 seat theatre with a thrust stage, making for an intimate experience for every patron. In a time when other local theatres are struggling to make ends meet, it is nice to see someone build a beautiful brand-new facility. I wish them all the luck in the future.

The show itself, Microcrisis, was fantastic. It is an edgy, satirical look at the banking and investment industry. It plays off of the recent economic crisis and shows us that situations like that could happen again if we aren’t careful. Having worked at two separate investment companies, I found the show profoundly funny. The characterizations by the actors and their dialogue was spot on. The three main actors, David Cecsarini as the sleazy investment banker, Alexandra Bonesho as the naive intern turned micro-loan entrepreneur, and Michael Cotey as the nerdy Harvard student with aspirations of grandeur, were wonderful to watch.

On a side note, the edginess of this show might turn off your typical theatre patron. The language and actions of the characters mimicked something that you might see on the big screen. The number of F-bombs alone was staggering. Being the type of person that sees “a lot” of community theatre, I was a little shocked at first. After a while, I realized that is exactly what live-theatre needs. I’ve have talked at length with others in the theatre community about finding ways to get more people to come to the theatre. While I don’t want to alienate current theatre audiences, I think that these edgy shows that expose a glimpse of real life might be just the thing to draw in a new type of theatre-goer.


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