Carmen at the Florentine Opera Company

Tonight is Opening Night for Carmen at the Florentine Opera Company.

Erin was once again able to earn a spot in the children’s chorus in an opera with the Florentine Opera Company. Last year at this time, she was in Puccini’s Turandot and this year she is in Bizet’s Carmen. On Wednesday night, Kristi and I had the opportunity to attend the Orchestra Dress Rehearsal and it was incredible. I’m sure that the experience was enhanced by the fact that we were lucky enough to be in box seats as well.

This is only the second opera that I have ever been to and after the rigidness and formality of Turandot last year, I wasn’t sure that Opera was an art form that I could fully embrace. Wednesday night completely changed my mind. Carmen was riveting, seductive, and full of action and I was amazed at how quickly those three hours flew by. And what made me really proud was how much energy the children’s chorus brought with them in their two brief appearances on stage. As a proud Dad, I was focusing mostly on Erin when she was on stage. It was impressive to watch her and the rest of kids put so much life into their characters.

The show only runs for two performances at Uihlein Hall at Marcus Center for the Performing Arts (Tonight at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2:30pm). If you ever had an interest in seeing an opera, this is the one to see. I know that I am looking forward to seeing it again on Sunday.

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