Lend Me A Tenor at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre

Last night, Kristi and I went the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre to see Lend Me A Tenor. The show is a collaboration between the chamber theatre and the Marquette University theatre department. For several years, the chamber theatre has been doing a show every season in conjunction with a local university. Kristi and I were lucky in enough to see their first collaboration with Marquette University in 2011 when they did The Lion In Winter.

I have to say, first of all, that I love Lend Me A Tenor as a show. This is the third time that we have seen it; first in a community theatre, then in a high school production, and now, finally, in a professional production. When done well, this is an extremely funny show and last night’s performance was superb. The frantic, madcap pace of the show was executed perfectly. The set was beautiful, the costumes were perfect, and the work of the cast was comic genius.

I could probably make glowing comments about every member of the cast. They all brought subtle nuances to their roles that made them just that much better. It was enjoyable to see the two Marquette students in the cast turn in performances equal to the seasoned veterans. Marquette junior Hannah Klapperich-Mueller, in the role of Maggie, was so fun to watch throughout. And Marquette junior Peter Sisto, in the role of the bellhop, brought a sense of playfulness to the show. I expect that we will see great things from both of them in the future.

Of course it was nice to see Marquette alumna, Alexandra Bonesho, in the role of Diana. We have enjoyed her performances on the Marquette stage and elsewhere, including the first MU/MCT collaboration, The Lion In Winter. Without mentioning everyone in the cast, I will say that Rick Pendzich as Max and Drew Brhel as Saunders were so well cast and perfectly played their respective roles. They made the show fun to watch.

Thanks to the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre and the Marquette University theatre department for giving us such an enjoyable evening of entertainment. I wish that I could see all of the shows from both organizations every year but time and money probably wouldn’t permit it.


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