Garrison Keillor at UWM

Last night, A.J. and I attended a “book reading of sorts” at the UWM Ballroom. Garrison Keillor, the famed host of A Prairie Home Companion, is touring America promoting his new book, The Keillor Reader. He didn’t actually read from his book, however. What he did was much better. He entertained the audience for an a hour and half or more with quaint anecdotes, stories of his life, advice for the future, and even a couple of songs (with audience participation). He followed that up with another half hour of questions from the audience and at least another couple of hours signing his books. And in all that time, I didn’t see him sit down once.

While signing books, he spent several minutes with each individual, talking with them and making them feel special and unique. I don’t believe that I have ever met a more humble, down-to-earth celebrity. He was generous with his time and attention to everyone in the room.

Back in March, 2012, Kristi, Erin, and I got to see A Prairie Home Companion at the Milwaukee Theatre when it was touring. I thoroughly enjoyed myself that night and would recommend seeing that show to anyone. But I have to admit that I had an even better time last night. Mr. Keillor walked through the audience the entire time that he presented and you felt like you really got to know him.


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