Erin’s Trifecta – Part 3

Erin's State Solo/Ensemble Score
Erin’s State Solo/Ensemble Score

This is the third and final of three posts that discuss what we have begun to refer to as Erin’s State-Level Honors Trifecta. The first two posts can be found here and here. The final event in this trifecta was the Solo/Ensemble State Festival at UW-Milwaukee on April 30th. Erin participated in two events for Solo/Ensemble this year. She performed a Euphonium Solo, “Bride of the Waves,” and a Euphonium Duet with her band-mate Tommy. Tommy and Erin have been playing low brass together since sixth grade and have always wanted to play a duet together. It was their “Bucket List” duet.

Both pieces were Class A and if played well enough would qualify for participating in the state festival. At the district Solo/Ensemble festival at Brown Deer High School in mid-March both performances received *1 ratings, which advanced them to state. At the state festival, Tommy and Erin played the duet well enough to earn a rating of 1; the high rating available for an ensemble. Erin’s Euphonium Solo garnered a rating of 1-N. State judges have an opportunity to nominate soloists whose performance is truly exceptional for the Exemplary Soloist Award. Those soloists get a rating of 1-N and at the end of the day of the judge chooses a single nominated individual from their room to receive the award. Last year, Erin also got a 1-N score but did not get selected for the award. This year however, Erin not only got the nomination but also received the Exemplary Soloist Award for her amazing performance.

As you can see, this is quite the trifecta; fourth place at State Forensics, national finalist at State NHD, and Exemplary Soloist Award at State Solo/Ensemble. Erin’s hard work and dedication all year long has definitely paid off in the end. I am so very proud of all that this young lady has accomplished and look forward to many more amazing things in the future.


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