Dramagoon Central Gets a New Roof

Roofing - End of Day One
Roofing – End of Day One

When we purchased our lovely home more than 18 years ago, the home inspector said that the roof looked good but would probably need to be replaced in about 5 years or so. Those five years came and went. And then, a few years ago, we called a contractor for an estimate and and while inspecting the roof he noticed that we were severely lacking in attic insulation but the roof actually still looked pretty good. So, of course, we tackled the attic insulation instead. This winter, we noticed a little discoloration on the ceiling near the chimney. So, after a great many years, the shingles are getting replaced. And with them, we are getting rid of the odd cupola/weather-vane that never worked and the rooftop antenna that we haven’t needed for over 10 years. Hurrah for home improvements.


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