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Bristol Renaissance Faire

August 7, 2009

On Sunday last, the clan Magoon traveled to yon village of Bristol to attend the faire in honor of Her Majesty, the Queen. This was our fifth visit to Bristol Renaissance Faire, our fourth consecutive year, and our third year wearing costumes. This time, we saw a few of our favorite acts from faires past as well as couple of new acts. We plan on going at least once more this year to see only performances of troupes we have not yet seen.

Our fabulous faire experience started out at the front gate. As the gates swung opens and the patrons started to stream in, we were met by a raucous “Well Met, Magoon Family” from everyone’s favorite Elizabethan fool, Jane the Phoole. What a way to boost your ego on bright, sunny Sunday morning. Alas, that would be the last time saw Jane all day as we must have been traveling the grounds in opposing orbits with her the rest of the day. The first event of day was our spontaneous attendance at “Breakfast with the Brass.” We were early for the Moonie show and were treated to a wonderful concert by the Queen’s brass quartet. After that we attended shows by two of our favorite performers. Moonie was first followed by Doktor Kaboom. Both performances were very similar to what we have seen in years past but their interactions with the crowd are so wonderful that you don’t mind seeing it again.

In the middle of the day, we roamed the grounds, did some shopping, and interacted with the Fantastikals. They really do a great job of providing entertainment and interaction with the young kids. They are also wonderful to photograph. We brought along a peach and an orange and Erin presented them to two different faeries throughout the day. Our next attraction was the Barely Balanced acrobatic show. This was a new show for us and we were impressed by the skill and physical prowess of these three individuals. Our last show of the day was Dirk and Guido, The Swordsmen. We have seen their show every year and can probably quote most of it from memory by now. But you can’t go to BRF without seeing them at least once a year.

Normally, we stay until the gates close but everyone was tired as this was the last day of a long week of vacation and traveling. We left the faire around 5pm knowing that we would be back later in the month.


A Trip to Bristol

July 27, 2008

Yesterday we finished up a fantastic vacation with a wonderful trip to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Kristi had purchased the tickets for me for our anniversary last December and I couldn’t wait to use them. This was our third trip to the Faire in three consecutive years. We also continued a tradition that we started last year by dressing in period costume. All of us had minor tweaks to what we wore last year, becoming more authentic with each successive visit. We got there about fifteen minutes before the gates opened and got to watch the Welcome to the Faire show over the front gate.

Soon after the gates opened, we were wandering through the streets of Bristol admiring the items in the shops and interesting sites at the Faire. Our first stop was The Ded Bob Sho. Kristi and I had seen Bob and Smuj at the Michigan Renaissance Festival in 1993. It was just as funny yesterday as it was back then. A.J. said that he really enjoyed the show. Afterwards, we wandered over to the Court Glade and watched a bit of the Courtly Music & Dance.

As we made our way back to next show we were planning to see, we ran into Jane the Phoole. Both A.J. and Erin told jokes to Jane and she gave each of them a button with her likeness on it. At this point the boys separated from the girls. Kristi and Erin went to the Princess Pic-Nic in the Kids Kingdom while A.J. and I went to see The Wit of Will. That show was extremely good. Will (Shakespeare) retells one of his stories in a modern way for the average person to understand. He told the story of Hamlet for us. At times, I was laughing so hard that I had tears in my eyes.

After our separate events, we met up and went to the Cheshire Chase Action Stage to see For Queen & Country – A Royal Spectacle followed by Dirk and Guido. This was the third year in a row seeing the Swordmens and even though they are extremely funny, the show has not changed much at all. We decided that we will probably skip them the next time we come. Afterwards, we ate a little bit, watched just a bit of the joust (it was too hot, too crowded, and very slow to get started) and then walked around looking in the shops.

We split up one more time in the late afternoon. A.J and I went to see Moonie, who is an extremely good juggler and tightrope walker. Erin and Kristi headed back to the Kids Kingdom where Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, bestowed the title of Lady to Erin during the Knighting Ceremony. We finished up our day by making a few purchases and heading out. We left at closing time. We had been there for the entire Faire day and we all had a wonderful time.


August 19, 2007

At The Bristol Renaissance Faire

The Renaissance Faire in Bristol was the place to be on Saturday. Well, it was for our family anyway. We had gone once last year and enjoyed it so much that we decided to go in period costume this year. This was scout weekend and scouts and their families got in at reduced rate. We’ve been planning on this weekend all summer. The forecast called for afternoon rain and we hoped and prayed that it would hold off long enough for us to have a good time. I took a bunch of pictures while we were there. You can see them at my Flickr site.

Taking a Break

We arrived in time to see the opening ceremonies at the front gate. This is the 20th year for the faire and the theme this year is Feaste of Fooles. Before lunch, we spent time looking at the shops and the kids dug in the Dig Pit for treasure like they did last year. They also participated in a game with Robyn Hood and the Lord High Sheriff in the Kids Kingdom. The game resulted in the Lord High Sheriff skulking away in a dress acting like a squid. It started to sprinkle around noon and we took the opportunity to run back out to the car for lunch.

Jane the Phoole

It sprinkled on and off the rest of the afternoon. We spent most of the afternoon at shows. First, we caught the Royal Spectacle of Fooles featuring the Queen and Jane the Phoole. After that, we got to see Dirk and Guido, the Swordsmen. Their show is very entertaining. There was a lot of swordplay and humor involved. They even attempted to transform several of the men in the audience into renaissance men. I’m not sure that they were completely successful. Our last show of the day was Broon! I swear I almost wet my pants, he was so funny. He is a magician/comedian with some incredible wit. If I had ever seen him before, we may not have stayed for the show. His humor is amazing but laced with comments not completely appropriate for the younger set. Luckily, most of it went whizzing over their heads.

We finished the day by buying a few trinkets on the way out. As we were walking out, the rain started to really come down. Almost near perfect timing. On the way home, we all talked about how much we want to come back again next year.