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Day Two – Philadelphia

July 21, 2008

We made our way to downtown Philadelphia this morning. Our van was too tall for the Independence Hall Visitor Center parking, so we had to park at one of those lots where they take your car at the entrance and park it for you. By the looks of the guys working there, I was afraid we would never see the van again. We walked down to the visitor center and picked up our tickets to see Independence Hall. When we got into the Independence Hall complex, we took a tour of Congress Hall, which is where congress met for the first ten years before Washington, DC was built. Then we took a wonderful tour of Independence Hall which included going up to the second floor. The guide said that is only open 90 days out of every year.

After a brief lunch, we visited the Liberty Bell. It is displayed in a complex adjacent to Independence Hall. When looking at the Liberty Bell, you can see Independence Hall in the background. We spent a little time looking around at all the information related to the Liberty Bell and then got on the Philly Phlash (A tour bus) and made our way to the Pennsylvania Masonic Grand Lodge. We got to see the apron worn by George Washington.

We walked a couple blocks to see the Love Statue and then got back on the Philly Phlash and went to the Franklin Institute. It was very similar to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago or Discovery World in Milwaukee. After that, we ransomed our van and headed back to the hotel. After a brief swim in the pool, we went to Dave & Busters for dinner. We had a great dinner and played lots of fun games.


Safe Travels, Mr. Huss

May 31, 2007

William Sheridan Huss, Jr. passed away in Appleton last Wednesday. I went to his funeral today. “Sherry” was my first Scoutmaster in Boys Scouts and he was very influential in my becoming an Eagle Scout. He was a brother Master Mason and he participated as the installing Worshipful Master for all three of my Masonic degrees. Most of all he was a mentor and a friend.

I haven’t seen Mr. Huss for at least three years and before that I only saw him once every couple of years for the past fifteen years or so. We were well acquainted, however, from 1976 to 1985. When I joined Boy Scouts, he was the Scoutmaster of Troop 12 in Appleton. While I was in Boy Scouts, we had four different Scoutmasters, one of which was my father, but in my mind, Mr. Huss will always be the Scoutmaster of Troop 12. He was a patient, kind, and knowledgeable man that had the temperament for teaching his scouts about nature, citizenship, life, and many other things.

He had a knack for teaching you multiple things at the same time without you realizing it. I remember one night when he sat at the dining room table in our kitchen discussing Astronomy Merit Badge with me and teaching me how to memorize information. It was his memorization and recitation of stories like The Cremation of Sam McGee the induced me to emulate his style when I was a Cub Scout Leader.

Mr. Huss, you impacted many people throughout your life. You will be truly missed.