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AJ’s Busy Theatre Schedule

October 15, 2015

As a disclaimer, I should mention that this post will contain quite a lot of fatherly pride and may even border on being a bit braggy. Okay, who am I kidding? It is going to be very braggy. I wouldn’t blame anyone if they decided to bail right now.

Is anyone still there? Good. Let’s get started. I’m sure that I’ve mentioned it before but if you’ve forgotten, my son, AJ, is studying theatre at Marquette University and last year was his freshman year. We were very proud that he was cast in the ensemble for In The Red And Brown Water last November and was chosen to play the role of Philiste in The Liar in February. That’s him as Philiste in green in the adjacent photo.

Normally, at the end of the spring semester, Marquette holds auditions for the first show of the fall semester because rehearsals have to start before the semester does. This past spring was a little different in that they also held auditions for the final show of the season in April as it is going to be a collaboration with Renaissance Theaterworks in downtown Milwaukee. As luck would have it, AJ was cast in both shows.

You may recall from a previous post, AJ was cast as the “enjoyable awkward” Eric Richards in Loose Lips Sink Ships, a musical comedy about women shipbuilders in Sturgeon Bay during World War II. The adjacent picture is from that show. The other role that he was cast in last spring was that of the Artillery Trainee in Censored On Final Approach at RTW next spring. Getting cast in both of those shows for this season before school year even started was pretty amazing and I couldn’t have imagined a better way for his sophomore year to turn out.

On the first two days of class in the fall semester, Marquette holds auditions for the November show and the January, kid-centric, show. As both of these shows rehearse at the same time in the second half of the semester, a student can only be cast in one of them. Fortune again smiled on AJ as he was chosen to play the role of Jem Finch in the iconic To Kill A Mockingbird, the November show. And, now, as I thought things couldn’t get any better, I just got news that the results of the auditions for the final show to be cast were announced this week. AJ was cast as Silvius in the February show, Shakespeare’s As You Like It.

So if you are keeping count, that’s a total of four shows this year while also carrying a full load in college. I’m not sure when that boy actually sleeps. All I can say is that I am very proud of that young man and I’m glad that he is having so much fun.


Juan Williams

April 11, 2010

On Tuesday night, Kristi and I were lucky enough to attend a lecture by Juan Williams at the UWM Union. Late last week, Kristi got free tickets to the event from a drawing at the local NPR station’s, WUWM, Facebook fan page. It was really nice to be able to go to an event like that.

Mr. Williams was a very engaging speaker. He has the distinction of being a radio journalist for NPR and a political commentator for FOX news. I have always enjoyed listening to his news articles on NPR, so it was nice to actually see him in person.

He talked about so many interesting topics that I couldn’t detail them all here. He had very interesting things to say about some interviews he did based on some census information. He interviewed some high school students in Minnesota and some senior citizens in Florida because kids under 18 and the elderly are the two largest demographic groups in the country.

But the one thing that was the most interesting to me was when he talked about getting your news from multiple sources. He indicated that due to sales and marketing practices, most news agencies report about only things that their base of consumers want to know about. If want to get the full picture, you need to take in some news from the opposite point of view, even if you don’t agree with it. Oh… and he said that you shouldn’t rely on getting your news from the “Info-tainment” shows like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or The Colbert Report. Those are for humor and shouldn’t be mistaken for actual news programs.

Recent Flickr Additions

August 5, 2009

We took a bunch of pictures on our trip to South Dakota and I also took a few pictures in downtown Milwaukee during the week before our vacation. I have uploaded most of the photos to Flickr. Check out the pictures in these sets:

  • Milwaukee Lakefront
  • Milwaukee Air & Water Show
  • De Smet, SD
  • I-90 in SD
  • The Badlands
  • Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse