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I use WordPress as my blogging software. WordPress has many wonderful tools and stats available to let you know where people are accessing your blog from, which links they are clicking, and how often each post is being accessed. They also provide you with the search terms that were used at search engine sites to get to your blog. A friend of mine created and posted a Wordle containing a subset of the search term used to get to her blog. I’ll let you check out her post to see which subset of words she used.

I decided to create a Wordle with all of the search terms ever used to get to my blog and here it is.Dramagoons Search TermsThe document I used to create this Wordle contained multiple entries of each search term. I entered each search term the same number of times that it had been used to access my blog. That way, I had a better representation of which words were used more.

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  1. behnnie Says:

    I’m curious about what you used to track search terms because I’m hoping you have a simpler method than mine so I can switch over. ;)

    I go in daily and peak at what terms have appeared so far that day. I type them into an Excel doc (so I can alphabetize them quickly and easily), and then copy them, or sections from the doc, into Wordle to create an image.

    Do you do something similar? Or am I totally going about this the slow way?

    Nice Wordle, by the way. ;) And– fracture??

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